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Behind the Scenes interview with Parker from the Thunderbirds



Filming BTS footage for a Making of film

Our team have created ‘making of’ films, 360º interactive videos and BTS content and set stills for TV advertising campaigns and pop promos including Halifax, Thunderbirds, Mercedes, South West Trains, Eve Sleep, TransPennine Express, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

On-set behind the scenes
making-of films

We tell the behind the scenes story of how films are made, recording all aspects and stages involved in their creation. We work with production teams and crews to capture all the key moments!

Here's a small selection of shots from some of the projects we've worked on 

South Western Railway BTS
Eve Sleep 'Cuddly Toy' BTS
Making of Dubai Expo 2020
Making of Halifax Thunderbirds
TransPennine Express - Joe, Andy and the puppets
Making of Halifax - Top Cat

We use 360° omnidirectional cameras to capture 4k footage of shoots from all angles. This allows viewers to navigate around a shoot to see the crew in action

We filmed an immersive 360° immersive film of the EXPO2020 set which shows how the shoot moved around the set and the crew that were involved.

Social media content

We love working on all types of creative projects and are never happier than when we're working with our clients to bring their ideas to life. 

As part of the BTS work for the Thunderbirds we collaborated with Adam&Eve to create a mockumentary style 'Faking of' film about working with one of the show's biggest stars!

Still from Many Hands, Behind the Scenes for the Expo 2020 advert

Working on Behind The Scenes films we record video footage and audio in rehearsal sessions, studios, on location and in post production facilities. We are always aware of the work that is being done and take care to be as unobtrusive as possible!

We made this BTS film for the Dubai EXPO2020 launch film. We followed dancers from rehearsals to the shoot as they learned how to use their hands in interesting and unusual ways.

Top Cat and the gand for the Halifax commercial making of

As well as filming in studios and on location we have worked on a number of projects have significant post-production involvement including the creation of CG characters and environments.

For the Halifax - Top Cat making of film we documented the role of The Mill in creating the adverts stars and spoke to the animators who worked on the project.

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