Our team produce compelling films, including 360°, for live events including conferences, exhibitions, launches and awards

Event Promos

We have made over a hundred event promos for organisations around the world

Live Streaming

We broadcast events, presentations, launches, & results in HD to a global audience


Awards Films

We make films & photograph award ceremonies of all shapes, sizes, and industries

Stings & Idents

We create branded stings & idents to kick-off conferences and award ceremonies with a bang


We film & edit keynotes and presentations with or without slides

News & Content

We film & edit interviews and presenter led pieces to camera 

Event Promos

We have made over a hundred event promos for organisations around the world including conference and exhibition organisers, trade associations, charities and not for profit organisations and blue chip companies.

Our event promos focus on delivering your key messages: promoting the success of the event, key themes discussed by speakers and sponsors, networking and feedback from attendees. Using our experience with 360° films we can also create VR promos.

We collaborate with our clients to determine the focus, length and look and feel of our event promos, then generally combine footage and interviews filmed at an event with branded motion graphics and music.

Live Streaming

Keyline broadcasts events, presentations, launches and company results in HD over the internet to a global audience.

We provide multi-camera coverage with live vision mixing and integrated graphics, onscreen captions and presentation slides, from locations around the world.

Live Streamed presentation from Layer123’s SDN NFV World Congress. For this event we streamed sessions over 5 days and filmed over 225 presentations all of which were uploaded to an on-demand video platform after the event.

Awards Films

We can capture photos and make promo films of your awards ceremonies and gala evenings.  We can make the film and process the pictures overnight so you and your sponsors can use it in your marketing the next day.

Stings & Idents

We create animated stings to play at events to welcome attendees, kick-off conference sessions or at the start of award ceremonies

We also create video idents with animated logos, 3D elements, and other branding, that can be used at an event or on your website.


We regularly film and edit a wide variety of live presentations for our clients. These include event keynotes and presentations and specially filmed presentations to share insights from analysts and other experts.

Presentations can be filmed live or can be filmed in a studio in front of green screen to create an interactive environment for graphs, stats and key text to be integrated.

News & Content

We've filmed and edited many hundreds of interviews, round-table discussions, sponsored content, and daily reports at events around the world.  We deliver high quality content on time and on budget. 


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